About Retreats

What are Retreats

One of the great opportunities of retreats, especially for teachers and spiritual seekers is the opportunity to rest and to refresh. A rest that is restorative and transformative. Rest is the fertile soil from which transformation occurs. This type of rest may seem an opposite rhythm to our daily lives. We retreat with intention to allow the ever present presence to emerge.

A retreat may be described as a process of withdrawing from everyday life and busy activity to a place of peace, quiet, and safety. In this period of greater quiet, solitude and slowing down we can gain greater connection to ourselves and what is most important to us. Instead of listening and responding to everyone and everything around us we give ourselves the space to hear what we are saying to ourselves. In this time away from ordinary life we restore and replenish our body, mind and spirit and return home with greater focus, energy and inspiration. Retreats sustain and nurture. There are many forms of retreats: Yoga, meditative, silent and health focused.

Our retreats are not based on any religious tradition and draw from a range of ancient wisdom traditions including yoga, buddhism, taoism, mindfulness and movement, poetry, intentional solitude (reflecting, exploring and just ‘being’ alone and community - for example, sharing in a large circle, in small groups or in pairs as appropriate to the group and style of retreat.

Why travel to Retreat

By taking ourselves out of our habituated environment we are able to quickly tune into our natural wisdom and find the resources we need to live a life of wellness and vitality.

Journeying in foreign mystical lands and cultures we find endless resources to reconnect with our essential nature.

We provide you with many meaningful opportunities to experience, assimilate and contribute to local community.
You will re-connect with your true purpose in life.

In many ways the Taraji journeys are akin to a deep open-hearted prayer.

Who will benefit?

People just like you!

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