50 Hour Teacher Training

Adelaide, Australia

50 Hour Course

Adelaide, Australia!

50 Hours Himalayan Module B

4 days

Vitality with Yin Anatomy


Course investment:
Early Bird Prices (before June 14th):
Module B: $975 $850 AUD


DATES 2018:

Module B: July 14 to July 17 

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Course Content

Below you will find the details of the Course Content, the Outline and the Daily Schedule:


- 4 Days guidance not residential programme

- Daily contemplation meditation

- Daily Yin Pranayama

- Yin Essentials

- Examination of Basic Yin Postures

- Principles and Practice of Yin Yoga

- How to teach Yin Yoga

- Understanding Qi, Yin and Yang

- Student teaching.

- Written Manuals and Worksheets
- 15-20 hours of Online Pre-Course Learning (PCL)

- Pre-Course Learning online review


Module B: Yin Essentials + Vitality with Yin Anatomy

Yin Essentials Overview:

- History of Yoga, Vedantra + Tantra
- History of Yin Yoga
- Theory and Principles of Yin Yoga
- 8 Major joints of the body
- Skeletal variations
- Planes + Directions of Movement
- Compression v Tension
- Principles of Yin Yoga
- Practice of Yin Yoga
- Common Yin Yoga Postures
- Theory of Exercise
- Yin and Yang Tissues

Module B: Vitality with Yin Anatomy Overview:
- Common Yin Yoga poses and their variation
- 14 Skeletal Segments of the Body
- Skeletal Variations
- Function v Aesthetics in Yin Yoga
- 10 Myofascial Groups - thigh + torso mandalas
- Axis + Extremities
- Proportion + Orientation
- Demonstrate tension v compression
- Test Range of Movements
- Yin Adjustments
- Basics of Fascia theory

Students are required to do 15 hours online learning before attending Himalayan Yin trainings


March 30, 9.30am - 5pm
March 31, 9.30am - 5pm
April 1, 9.30am - 5pm
April 2, 9.30am - 5pm

No refund will be given for cancellations within 60 days of trainings. If written notice of intention to cancel is received more than 60 days prior to training a 30% of course fees will be deducated from refund. Transfers are available to another person who has submitted their application form and been accepted. 15% of course fees will be charged in the case of a transfers.
We are not liable for any travel costs.
The Certification
Students who complete 100% attendance and pass the course reviews will be awarded the relevant hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate. These hours can be counted towards Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

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